Ongoing Projects

Ekmas Manisa

In the Muradiye Villas region, the rising star of Manisa, the 'Ekmas Style Life', which combines horizontal architecture with a large landscape area, is brought to life in our Ekmas Manisa project! Continually improving and raising international service standards by signing unique projects that are beneficial for the society, going beyond what is imagined by adopting customer satisfaction as a principle, investing and growing; We have a way of adding value to society and Turkey. We are honored to offer you a brand new life and investment area by bringing Ekmas Style Life to Manisa, and we are opening the door of aesthetics and comfort for you. Close your eyes and imagine a living space where every fine detail has been thought through. Let's guess: you have dreamed of a project that will envelop you as soon as you enter the door, add color to your day with its social areas, find comfort, aesthetics and elegance in every corner you look at and be happy to say "My Home". No one understood your style so well.

Ekmas Manisa offers you an investment opportunity that will gain value day by day, as well as a quality life. With its location, social facilities and needs-oriented design, this project is the key to profit not only when buying or selling, but also when renting. We have combined peaceful, comfortable and nature-infused life with the latest technology for you. While adding a new one to your happy memories in these areas, which you can use on the days and at any time, your home and comfort will be greater than ever… Ekmas Manisa; It has been designed with 3 different flat concepts: garden, terrace and balcony. 7/24 security service, private parking lot, outdoor pool, fitness center, social and commercial areas, wide landscape areas, event and hospitality area… Your dreams come to life in Ekmas Manisa!

Completed Projects

Ekmas Mavişehir

It was designed as a new and different project in Mavişehir, the most popular living area of İzmir, with its original architectural design and high quality. We dreamed of a project, the focus of which is people… A life to the fullest; We wanted comfort, peace, and pleasure. Ekmas Yapı, which builds quality and contemporary living spaces, has risen in Mavişehir with its housing project where every detail is considered for you. Built on human values; Ekmas Mavişehir, a privileged project that gives importance to life, nature and people, invites you to experience comfort, peace and pleasure in İzmir.

A house designed to add peace to your life and increase your happiness… We offer you a valuable investment opportunity, beyond your dreams, in the center of life, with a perspective beyond the standards. You will find warmth and comfort together… Your possibilities are endless in Ekmas Style Life rising in the center of the city! 24-hour security, swimming pool, gym, sauna, private car park, playground, pilates studio, cafeteria, movie theater, Macro Center and Starbucks…