Konak 2. Aziziye School Project - Ekmas Yapı


We are constructing a turnkey school building in Aziziye within the framework of the “Education for All Project” with the European Union FRIT (The EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey) fund and we are showing the Ekmas Yapı difference!

The school building, consisting of a basement, ground floor and +3 floors, has 32 classrooms. In the project where functionality is prioritized, it will meet the needs of an educational institution; There are indoor and outdoor sports fields, private music classrooms, painting workshops and laboratories. One of the most important features of school projects is that they are sustainable. In every part of the school buildings, water saving is ensured with the taps with sensors. Energy savings are provided with large windows in order to benefit more from daylight.

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Build a school building within the framework of 'Education for ...

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